Yasminah’s Gift of Hope


Yasminah’s Gift of Hope Inc. (YGOH) provide a Gift of Hope, support, guidance & understanding to families who experience Miscarriage, Premature Birth, Pregnancy, Neonatal and Infant Loss, ensuring parents receive early, ongoing support, information and an opportunity to create lasting memories and keepsakes of their time with their child to treasure forever.

Gift of Hope Journals are a very special keepsake that allows families to keep ultrasound images, photos, cot cards, arm bands, and foot and hand prints as a cherished keepsake of a precious life. We encourage families to write about their journey. The family may like to keep it is a diary during their pregnancy after being told their child has a congenital abnormality, a journey through the roller coaster ride of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit when their child is born premature, or life after the loss of their child. Some other uses are to write about the birth of their child, write poems about how they are feeling, write a letter to their child and keep any cards or messages received from family or friends.

Most importantly families can write down details and memories about their child to treasure forever. A Gift of Hope.

YGOH support services are currently offered in over 100 hospitals Australia wide, along with various Australian Multiple Birth clubs, IVF Clinics & funeral homes throughout Australia. YGOH also have a number of online self-help support groups that provide a safe and supportive community where families can explore and express their experiences.

YGOH are comprised of volunteers who have personally experienced the premature birth or  the loss of their child. Each volunteer is dedicated and passionate about providing support and understanding to families during a very difficult time & want you to know that you are not alone.

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