Would you like to be part of the National Premmie Foundation Management Committee?

If you have had a baby in a special care or a neonatal intensive care unit, you may like to “give something back” or if you have worked in such environments and have an understanding of the unique journey experienced by these families then perhaps you’d like to become involved in the National Premmie Foundation.

A national organisation that unifies, and acts as a guiding body for existing prem support groups, helps to create new ones, helps to improve the treatments and outcomes available for premature infants, and represents the interests of these infants and their families in terms of health policies, funding and standards of care. It also offers a friendly ear to parents going through this rollercoaster experience.

If you would like to apply for a position on the committee or would like further information. Then please contact the support group in your area, the group details can be found at www.prembaby.org.au/contact-us or if there is no group in your area contact the NPF direct on: contact_us@prembaby.org.au