The Premmie Promise Foundation


In 2012 many of our lives were changed forever  when we were introduced to the world of the Micro prem with long battles ahead and friendships forged along the way  and because of our journeys being still fresh in our minds we created The Premmie Promise Foundation.

With encouragement ,tears, laughter and joy we celebrated every milestone together sometimes with sadness as our precious bundles hit hurdle after hurdle …but still they hung on giving us all hope.

Many tears in the corridors as some of our amazing wee champions didn’t win the battle and grew their Angel wings and it is for those still fighting their battle or those that need us .

This Charity was created by strong bonds of friendship that continue to grow every day, to remember our individual journeys and to remind us of how far we have come, to give hope and encouragement to those who have now filled our cot numbers and our shoes as parents on  their new journey…to remind us all that we do not walk alone we are right there … as we ourselves have walked in those shoes and tread those corridors… to remember that a Premmie family doesn’t just stop when you get home its about giving continued support to those at home from birth to teenage years .