RSV Information

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Effects on Families

Lisa  (North Maclean)
RSV is a horrible illness.  I will never forget my son having to be re-hospitalised for RSV when he had already spent 4 months in hospital due to being born at 24 weeks, then having 4 hours of cardiac surgery for a congenital defect…….. RSV on top of all this was a nightmare.


Melissa (Bushland Beach, Nth Qld)
Our son, 29 weeks at birth now 18 months, was admitted to hospital last year with RSV. He had been home only 4 months and then got RSV. We incurred yet more financial costs with his admission and doctors bills, plus the cost of flying our family in to care for our other children while I stayed at the hospital with our son. He was VERY sick and I didn’t know how much more emotional trauma I could take. Thank God our prayers were answered and he recovered but he is ALWAYS at risk.


Karen (Brisbane)
Jasmine was born at 24wks and spent nearly 5 months in hospital only to be discharged in May 2004 to be rehospitalised in August 2004 with RSV. Jasmine’s oxygen requirements increased whilst in hospital which sent her to ICU. That year she was admitted another 2 times for RSV. The year after we had another 4 hospital stays for RSV. The emotional drain for families and these little fighters is amazingly high, we all go through so much with having children born early only to have to stand up to the plate again and again. In 2006 we had another 3 stays at the hospital with complications to RSV.


Laura, Daniel & Mia’s Story