Rinaldi Family

Bianca has 2 boys, both born prematurely. Her oldest son Jordan started school this year and is a wonderful example of the strength and determination that are the hallmark for premmies. Her son Sam is an absolute delight and lives life as a typical premmie does – full steam ahead!

Whilst Sam has some language delays, there is no doubting what he wants and he is fortunate to have a family who are able to cater to those needs. Bianca is a regular visitor to the Bendigo Hospital and provides support and comfort to families before and after the premature birth of their baby.

Also trained as a grief counsellor, Bianca is able to support families during the sadness of the death of their baby. Bianca is currently working to create short term, affordable accommodation for families with hospitalised babies and children.

Bianca represents Loddon Mallee Kids in Central Victoria

Contact Bianca on 03 54 396 136 or bianca@loddonmalleekids.org.au

National Premmie Foundation Group Members:
PIPA www.pipa.org.au
NNICUPS www.prematurebabes.org
Loddon Mallee Kids www.lmk.org.au
Lifes Little Treasures www.lifeslittletreasures.org.au
Central Coast Prems www.centralcoastprems.com