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Shusannah has a beautiful but extremely active 4 year old called Molly- Rose. Molly-Rose arrived 14 weeks early and weighed less than a tub of butter at just 880gms. She spent a total of 4 months at the Royal Womens Hospital in Melbourne. Like many prem babies, Molly-Rose proved to be a real fighter and is now a cheeky, wilful and adorable 4 year old.

New to Australia and with no family nearby for support, Shusannah found support from a group of 5
passionate women who were also travelling the Prem Baby journey. Together they formed Lifes Little Treasures to provide support and help to families in Victoria. Shusannnah is very passionate about helping other parents through this roller coaster ride and making it that little bit easier for them.

As a founding member of the National Premmie Foundation, Shusannah looks forward to extending this support to the rest of Australia.

Shusannah represents Lifes Little Treasures in Victoria

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