Cooke Family

Eileen’s oldest son William was born 11 weeks early and weighed just 1300 grams. That is around 1/3rd of the weight of a full term baby or around 4 potatoes! Fortunately he has the typical determination of a prem baby and has grown into a healthy and active 11 year old boy. Eileen second son Thomas was born after a 40 week pregnancy. This offers great confidence to a great many women that they can deliver a full term baby after a premature delivery.

Eileen is the treasurer of PIPA and the NPF and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Eileen is the NPF’s resident expert on all things financial and tax related and we are extremely fortunate to have her commitment to this cause.
A premature baby herself means that Eileen has really been there and done that!

Eileen represents PIPA in Queensland.

Contact Eileen on 0402 275 515 or

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